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More Dinosaur Comics!

Dinosaur Comics had another good comic that fits well with the other probability and statistics comics I'm gathering.

infinite time is distinct from infinity time, which is actually what i like to shout in a deep baritone just before kissing someone

"you can't see it, but in the last panel all the dinosaurs have had DIFFERENT BREAKFASTS." - Copyright 2005 by Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics
keywords: probability; expectation; impossible; long-run;

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Another Gambler's Fallacy comic

Another fine statistics comic related to the Gambler's Fallacy comes from Tree Lobsters, a comic that I didn't expect to keep reading... and yet I did. The site's comics are mostly a mixture of science in public policy and general nerd humor, and there is a good search feature to help identify relevant comics.

Wow! I've flipped five heads in a row. This next one's gotta be tails, then. Doesn't work like that. The previous results don't affect the probability of future events. The chances of flipping six heads in a row are 1 in 64 but the chances of flipping heads after 5 in a row are still 50:50. While you were busy lecturing, I flipped another 20 heads in a row. What's your logic say to that? Vegas road trip? I'll start packing.

The chances of 25 heads in a row are 1 in 33 million, which is still 6 times as likely as winning the Powerball jackpot. So, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?'
"#76 Dumb Luck" - Copyright 2008-2012, Tree Lobsters
keywords: gambling; Gambler's Fallacy; coin; coin flip; probability; luck;

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Dinosaur Comics!

While looking for more probability and statistics comics, I went to one of my favorite webcomics: Dinosaur Comics. A handy resource for finding individual Dinosaur Comics is this XML file which contains all the text of every comic (I think). Ctrl+F is the way to go for finding comics of interest. While there are numerous comics that mention statistics, the relationship is usually tangential at best.

you can show this comic to chronic gamblers and they will PUNCH YOU IN THE NECK
"gambling makes you appear more attractive in the eyes of women" - Copyright 2004 by Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics
keywords: probability; Gambler's Fallacy; dice; luck;

On an unrelated note, Dinosaur Comics has one of the best alternate URLs in existence: Food for thought.

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