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A Comic on Randomness in Sports

I recently heard the Radiolab episode entitled Stochasticity. My feelings on the episode are mixed, and I am currently preparing a post in which I review the episode with some reasonably detailed commentary. At one point in the episode, the 'hot-hand' fallacy is explored, and that triggered my memory of this apropos xkcd comic (there really does seem to be one for every occasion).

Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.

Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.
"Sports" - Copyright CC BY-NC 2.5 by Randall Munroe,
keywords: randomness; random number generator; sports;

(View the collection of statistics-related comics that I am curating here.)

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Another comic related to correlation and causation

Tree Lobsters has another statistics comic related to correlation, causation, and the misconception that they are the same thing. This comic really captures the need for greater statistical and scientific literacy and, more broadly, for better scientific communication. It is unreasonable to expect the public to be able to go to the literature to source claims and evaluate their reasonableness - becoming acquainted with the literature is part of what makes scientists, researchers, etc. specialists. Rather, we need to equip our students (all people, really, but we have access to them as students) with the ability to examine reports in the media with a critical lens.

Of course, combating pseudo-scientific thought and media hype is a lot easier said than done. Recently ScienceBlogs had a post using the context of anti-vaccine sentiment ("An open letter to my dad on the occasion of his recent anti-vax Facebook postings") which examines the issue of familiarity with the literature and the need to not seek out reports which confirm what one already believes. It is an engaging, personal read that has some very useful information.

The Overreactington Municipal School Board has voted overwhelmingly to remove all the other thing from its educational facilities.
"#361 This, That & The Other Thing" - Copyright 2008-2012, Tree Lobsters
keywords: correlation; causation; media;

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An actual comic on statistical literacy!

Statistical literacy is necessary for everyone, and this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal sums it up nicely. (I'm not entirely certain of the technical term for the attitude the woman holds toward the data, but in discussing similar people and situations with colleagues the term that seems to fit is that such people feel that they are 'immune from variability' - that somehow they are exempt from randomness (maybe a 'lite' version of solipsism?). Either way, it could probably be characterized as Level A in the GAISE framework.)


Copyright Zach Weiner (SMBC). Used with permission.
keywords: statistical literacy; terrorists; airplanes; texting; texting and driving; rare events;

For more statistics-related comics, check out the master post.

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A comic for bootstrapping

I figured that it would be good to spice things up with a webcomic from a source other than xkcd, Dinosaur Comics, or Tree Lobsters. This comic about bootstrapping is from the Irregular Webcomic!, a webcomic I only discovered after specifically looking for comics related to statistics.

Comic #2653
"No. 2653" - Copyright CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 by David Morgan-Mar,
keywords: bootstrap; bootstrapping; Poisson distribution; stochastic process;

One reason I am particularly fond of Irregular Webcomic! is the thorough explanations provided on comics that may not be accessible to all. If you follow the image link to the website, there is a good explanation of what the bootstrap process is.

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