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Orientation 2

The second orientation was much the same as the first: the emphasis was on a doctoral degree as more than the accumulation of credit hours (networking, work outside of the classroom, etc.). Nothing new, but it does bear repeating. There was a little bit more information on the rules and regulations of the Graduate School and the department, but from my time at UF these are old hat.

There were many specializations represented by the students at the orientation, and the department seems to really try to make a cohesive group of them all.

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Orientation 1

This morning was the first of two orientations in my new department. This one was a small meet and greet with the graduate coordinator Dr. Terzian, but it was really emphasized that the department wants the on-campus Ph.D. students to be a community of scholars, a pleasant change from my old department. My old department was also in favor of the community of scholars feel, but did little to cultivate it. It was also emphasized that after the breadth of the first few years of graduate school, we need to come up with a question that is "original, important, and answerable", resulting in a narrowing of focus marking the beginning of the dissertation phase. Again, this is not a new realization or unexpected, but the department's forthrightness and attention they (hopefully continue to) give students is welcome.

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Begin first blog entry #17.

I'm not even sure that was hyperbole. I've tried and failed at starting blogs before, but this time something has changed: I actually have something about which I wish to blog.

Tomorrow is orientation for the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education at UF. My new home. In less than a week I formally begin the pursuit of a Ph.D., and I would like to document it. The first two years of grad school were extremely challenging, and I partially regret having no documentation of the journey. Moreover, I've been noticing discernible changes in my attitude toward life and key aspects thereof. For lack of a better term, I think I'm really growing up in a substantive way. Eventually, I would like to have this blog transform into more of a statistics education blog, but that's down the road.

To recap, this blog will include:

  • Graduate school things (anecdotes, key events, milestones, etc.)
  • My professional progress
  • Things which I find relevant to my academic life (software workarounds, fixes, etc. - more for my future reference than anything)
  • Experiences with growing up (but in a fact driven way)
  • Statistics education postings (examples, data, etc.)

This blog will NOT include:

  • Pictures of my food
  • Where I am 24/7
  • Political/religious ideology/rants
  • Things of a solely personal nature
  • What pleasure books I'm reading

If I stick with this blog (I will! I will!) the creation of another blog for the aforementioned exclusions might be in order.

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