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Attitudes Toward Statistics Scale (ATS)

A commonly-referenced survey for measuring attitudes about statistics is the Attitudes Toward Statistics Scale (ATS) (Wise, 1985). In their meta-analysis, Nolan, Beran, and Hecker (2012) helpfully provide a link to the ATS instrument: (.doc). However, it is not clear to readers that the website that the shortened URL points to hosts another ATS-related file. This file (.doc) is a memo from Steven Wise about using the instrument that contains information not found in the original publication (Wise, 1985), including the item-construct mapping. This memo should be helpful for any researchers interested in the original items of the ATS.


Nolan, M. M., Beran, T., & Hecker, K. G. (2012). Surveys assessing students’ attitudes toward statistics: A systematic review of validity and reliability. Statistics Education Research Journal, 11(2), 103–123.

Wise, S. L. (1985). The development and validation of a scale measuring attitudes toward statistics. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 45(2), 401–405.

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