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Month: May 2014

Statistics on The West Wing

The United States decennial census features heavily in the sixth episode of The West Wing (S1E6, "Mr. Willis of Ohio"). In particular, the topic of sampling versus a door-to-door headcount is discussed at length. The episode is 45 minutes long, and would probably be appropriate for high school students and beyond. (Not to say that spending an entire class period on this one episode is the best use of time, but there is certainly value to knowing this episode exists even if it is just for interested students' knowledge.)

While sampling-versus-census is a central focus of the episode, there are other subplots. Some of the subplots may be uncomfortable for some viewers, particularly in the later part of the episode. You should watch the episode before recommending or assigning it and know your audience.

The episode is available for streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Cast of The West Wing, © NBC
Cast of The West Wing, © NBC
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Eating in Gainesville

There's no shortage of good restaurants in Gainesville. Branching out beyond the near-campus and Archer Road selections early was one of the best decisions I made as an undergraduate because, as my time here began nearing a decade, I was able to feel more connected to the community. A great website that helped me with finding local places to eat is It contains a reasonably complete list (that is kept up-to-date) of local/independent restaurants in Gainesville along with their contact information, payment information, etc. It is also sortable by type of cuisine. Pretty much any information you'd want about a restaurant is available at a glance.

There are no ratings on the site, and that is one of the reasons I continue to rely on it. Whenever I want to try a new restaurant, NoSoupForYou is where I turn. That doesn't meant that there aren't good chain restaurants in Gainesville, but eating at independent eateries helps complete the Gainesville experience.

Check out NoSoupForYou, try something new, and form your own opinion of it. Gainesville is a great little town full of life beyond campus.

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