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Month: May 2013

Supplementary CD for "Thinking Mathematically"

I need to use Carpenter, Franke, and Levi's Thinking Mathematically: Integrating Arithmetic and Algebra in Elementary School for a course. This textbook includes a supplementary CD with video examples of children displaying the mathematical thinking described in the text, and the authors emphasize that watching these videos is an integral part of reading the book. Unfortunately, the videos are references in the text by the section number with which they correspond, but are not labeled thusly on the CD. The CD contains a program for Windows that acts as a wrapper to display the appropriate videos. This program requires Apple's Quicktime software to display the videos within the program. Therefore, if someone does not have both Microsoft Windows and Apple Quicktime installed, there is no clear way to check the correspondence between the video files and sections in the textbook. I obtained access to an appropriate computer and made the following mapping of lessons to video files:

Section File (.mov)
2.1 Kevin
2.2 David
2.3 Lillian
3.1 Emma
3.2 Thad
3.3 Kenzie
4.1 KF111400
4.2 Megan
5.1 Allison16
5.2 Cody
7.1 Allison
7.2 Susie
8.1 Mike

The .mov files themselves can be played by many media players (not just Quicktime), so with the above table the supplementary CD should work irrespective of the computer software one uses.

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A Comic on Randomness in Sports

I recently heard the Radiolab episode entitled Stochasticity. My feelings on the episode are mixed, and I am currently preparing a post in which I review the episode with some reasonably detailed commentary. At one point in the episode, the 'hot-hand' fallacy is explored, and that triggered my memory of this apropos xkcd comic (there really does seem to be one for every occasion).

Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.

Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.
"Sports" - Copyright CC BY-NC 2.5 by Randall Munroe,
keywords: randomness; random number generator; sports;

(View the collection of statistics-related comics that I am curating here.)

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