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Even more minor updates

A few more quick updates to stay on the Monday/Thursday update schedule. I'll try to get some actual content up next week, but it might end up being placeholder comics.

I went through and updated all the media links from the website reorganisation by hand. There was probably an easier way, but I wanted to get it done.

Mendeley has been working well for organizing PDFs. I'm getting close to deciding to start relying on it. (I still want to try out some more features, though.)

The projects I'm working on for my REM courses are slowly coming along, as is updating the artwork for my advisor's grant. The DokuWiki I set up as a research logbook is working well. A little clunkier than I'd hoped (particularly with regard to tables), but I'm getting the hang of it. I've found a couple of useful plugins, and there are quite a few promising ones out there. I'll likely do a post about my research process in a few months as I settle in to a productive routine.

Lastly, this seems as good a time as any to mention a statistics comic that might be of interest. On 23 July 1994, Dilbert was about the median. It is a pretty decent comic that I've used before in teaching. However, I'm not able to post it here. I've secured permission either implicitly or explicitly to post all the comics on here, but Universal Uclick, the company that syndicates Dilbert, charges $50 to license the comic for use on a blog. This seems pretty reasonable I suppose, but I make nothing off this website and can't justify the expense. I would link to the comic, but Universal Uclick has a linking policy with which I have a philosophical disagreement. It isn't too difficult to find, though, and it is a good comic for teaching.

Also,  Happy Thanksgiving.

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