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Grad school update

This semester I only have class two days per week. I knew going into this semester that I would be busy every day and not just the days I have class (this isn't my first time in grad school after all).

But wow — I've really stretched myself thin this semester. I just tried to list it all... and it didn't seem like much, but underestimating some of the time commitments is what is getting me.

A lot of the smaller projects I've wanted to work one have gotten pushed back, and keeping up with this blog has been harder than I anticipated. I don't quite have time for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule that I had planned, so I'll be switching to Monday/Thursday to see if I can stick to it.

Also, I took a trip to San Antonio in conjunction with LOCUS. That was fun and served to confirm that I'm on the right career path.

And now, a few quotable things I've heard this semester:

  • "We have the curse of multidimensionality... that'd be a good idea for a Halloween costume." -- Dr. Leite
  • "Better out than perfect." (on manuscripts and journal submissions) Said by Dr. Bondy, but not sure the original source. (Maybe a Dr. Johnson?)

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