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Begin first blog entry #17.

I'm not even sure that was hyperbole. I've tried and failed at starting blogs before, but this time something has changed: I actually have something about which I wish to blog.

Tomorrow is orientation for the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education at UF. My new home. In less than a week I formally begin the pursuit of a Ph.D., and I would like to document it. The first two years of grad school were extremely challenging, and I partially regret having no documentation of the journey. Moreover, I've been noticing discernible changes in my attitude toward life and key aspects thereof. For lack of a better term, I think I'm really growing up in a substantive way. Eventually, I would like to have this blog transform into more of a statistics education blog, but that's down the road.

To recap, this blog will include:

  • Graduate school things (anecdotes, key events, milestones, etc.)
  • My professional progress
  • Things which I find relevant to my academic life (software workarounds, fixes, etc. - more for my future reference than anything)
  • Experiences with growing up (but in a fact driven way)
  • Statistics education postings (examples, data, etc.)

This blog will NOT include:

  • Pictures of my food
  • Where I am 24/7
  • Political/religious ideology/rants
  • Things of a solely personal nature
  • What pleasure books I'm reading

If I stick with this blog (I will! I will!) the creation of another blog for the aforementioned exclusions might be in order.

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